Home Remedies for Lice – Do They Work?

Home remedies for lice in hair

Head lice can be frustrating and annoying when they’re discovered. Though they don’t present a huge problem, head lice removal can be a chore that must be dealt with efficiently for the children and adults that get them. Luckily for them, besides the usual treatments, there are several home remedies for lice that are quite effective.

Why Are Home Remedies for Head Lice Used?

When it comes to home lice treatment with medicaments, some users may find that lice have become resistant to some of the products and vulnerable to others. That’s why many people have been using different home remedies for lice in hair for quite some time now. There are old and new methods that can get rid of lice super fast through the use of household items. And with newer methods, you can be fairly certain there’s no newly acquired resistance to those.

Here are some home remedies for lice to try out:

A Comb and Much Patience

A traditional, slow and lengthy process, wet-combing is nevertheless quite efficient for both head lice removal and detection. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hair conditioner
  • A fine-toothed comb
  • A magnifying glass, if you have one

Get the hair wet and apply the conditioner, then go through it carefully with the comb and remove the lice individually. A magnifying glass will come in handy, but if you don’t have one, you can always just rely on your eyesight.

This is one of the oldest, tried-and-true home remedies for head lice and will require some time and patience. But if you have both of those, the method will be undoubtedly effective.

Smothering or Stunning the Lice

This long-term strategy for head lice removal involves a few simple ingredients: olive oil, vinegar, water and, of course, the comb.

This home remedy for lice in hair involves coating the hair in oil, which stuns the lice and slows them down. This will make it easier to comb them out. Alternatively, you can coat the comb with the oil instead of the hair, but you’ll have to make sure there’s always enough oil on the comb. You should also have enough hot water nearby to rinse the comb often.

Once the hair’s been combed through, wash the hair thoroughly with regular shampoo. To make sure there are no remaining lice or nits, wash every towel you’ve used for the process and soak the comb in vinegar or boiling water for 20-30 minutes.

This is one of the home remedies for lice that will take some extra time: you’ll need to repeat the method every day for a week, and regularly check for lice while combing the hair for several weeks after the process.


Essential, but Not for Everyone

Another method for lice removal is to treat the hair with essential oils. Although this approach will get rid of lice super fast, it is somewhat riskier than other methods – the oils must be properly diluted and care must be taken to avoid ingesting them, since some are toxic. Some children can be allergic to the oils, so it’s best to test them and know beforehand if that’s the case.

On the bright side, using essential oils for head lice removal works really quickly – in fact, the treatment may only take about 12 hours, and the oil can be applied to the scalp and left in overnight. However, you’ll still need to comb through with this method, since combing is an important part in all home remedies for head lice.


Make an Informed Choice

As we’ve explained, there are several effective home remedies for lice that require different amounts of time and effort. Now that you know what the methods are, pick the one that suits your situation.