Can Head Lice Be Eliminated Naturally?

Head lice are pesky, annoying insects that, once they show up, won’t go away on their own. If you’ve experienced those famous lice symptoms - itching, irritation, or even sores on the head, neck, and shoulders - you’re probably looking for a good lice treatment.

While there are many medicaments for lice removal on the market, there are also natural remedies that have been proven useful. Let’s look at some of the head lice treatment techniques that use natural ingredients.


Essentially, Oils

A traditional method to get rid of head lice and stubborn lice symptoms is using essential oils. Bear in mind the oils should be diluted and never ingested because they can be toxic in their pure state. Although not common, it should be noted that children can sometimes be allergic to some oils, so make sure to test the mixture in very small amounts on the skin if applying this lice treatment to a child.

The best formula for diluting essential oils is a mix of 20-25 drops with 30ml of a carrier, such as almond or olive oil. This mixture should be applied to the scalp and left in for at least an hour, if not overnight. Afterwards, the hair should be combed, washed, and then combed again. You can repeat the process the next day, and once again the next week to make sure the lice removal is complete.

The Right Shampoo

Herbal shampoos are great as a lice treatment on their own, but can also work wonders in combination with other methods. Since herbs are a natural and healthy insecticide, they will efficiently kill off the head lice, while keeping the skin clean and the hair roots strong. After a thorough wash, you should comb the hair to remove dead lice and nits. Note that lice removal herbal shampoos can cause mild burning if it gets in the eyes.

Straight from Your Kitchen

Besides making a tasty meal, some of the ingredients in your kitchen can be used to concoct excellent remedies for lice removal. Here are the most used and well known:

1.      Onions

Grind the onions, apply to the scalp, and leave in for four hours. Comb the head lice and nits out of the hair and wash thoroughly. For maximum results, repeat after a few days and again the following week.

2.      Garlic

Grind eight to ten cloves, then mix with lemon or lime juice to make a paste. Apply it to the scalp and leave in for half an hour, then remove the dead lice by combing. Make sure to wash the hair afterwards.

3.      Vinegar

Mix a half cup of vinegar with a spoonful of a good, nutritious oil, such as coconut oil. After applying to the scalp, leave it for an hour. Wash the hair and comb through while it’s still wet to remove the lice and nits.


Treat the Lice Symptoms Naturally

If you’ve ever wondered what do lice look like, using the natural remedies above will give you the chance to see them – dead at the end of your comb. But, how do you get lice and can you make sure it won’t happen again? Since head lice are most commonly spread by contact, they’re tricky to avoid. However, the natural remedies we’ve described, especially herbal shampoos, will give you a fighting chance when repelling the annoying micro-invaders.